Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Received his 2nd Care Package

He got his 2nd care package which was the Christmas Care Package. I am thinking about sending another one since that one came so early. I will be preparing that one and sending it on December 4th.

My husband loved that care package so much. He cried. I thought that he would have got mad at me because he told me not to send him a care package at all. He couldn't wait to call me today. He truly appreciated it . I was all smiles when I heard him say it. I just so happy that he liked it. He read everything except the messages on the Christmas Tree. I specifically told him not to open anything until Christmas Day but of course him being my husband he don't listen. lol

In the care package I sent him a calendar where I wrote different things on certain dates that were important to us. I sent him a foot massager because his feet hurt a lot. I sent some kool aid singles. & Christmas cards from me, my parents, my brother, and my sister. The cards from my family is what really made him cry. He said he truly appreciate my family. I'm happy that he is happy.

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