Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Question #2

Well this is more of a couple of questions that basically pertain to the same thing.

Shouldn't husbands be able to have guy time with their male friends? Should they only be hanging with single friends?

I personally think that husbands should have guy time, but I don't think that they should spend that time with only single guy friends. I think that being with single guy friends will only tempt them to want to do exactly what the single man does and that is chance women.

Monday, July 18, 2011

High Maintenance

Definition of High Maintenance:::
A person who has expensive taste (re. clothing, restaurants, etc.).
This person is never comfortable because he/she is constantly concerned about his/her appearance.
This person feels they are better than most people and usually judge others based on outward appearances.

Most women are high maintenance. The term "high maintenance" usually refers to a very peculiar female individual that is extremely selfish and demands a constant stream of gifts and attention. Also prone to bitch and complain about your every action, thinks highly of herself, and will never issue an apology...unless she desperately wants something from you.
I don't consider myself to be high maintenance, but a few people that don't know anything about me think that I am. Hmm. That's good to know.

Here are a few examples/reasons why these people consider me to be high maintenance:
I would rather wear clothes that are appropriate than look like a tramp off the streets.
I would rather stay in a nice clean house (not a mansion), but something simple like a 2 or 3 bedroom house. Instead of some little piece of garbage.
I would rather wear my real hair than to add extra and all these bright ghetto colors to match my outfits.
I would rather stay to myself than to be loud and all in people face.

Like I said I'm not high maintenance. I just prefer better things than you. Good luck with your sucky life.

xoxo, Nitra

He's Home


Sunday, July 10, 2011


Guess what everyone...

Someone is trying to keep up with every little thing I do just to see if I'm going to do something wrong. Hmm...wonder who it could be... Hi Snitch. Stalker. Nosey *******.... !!! Hope you find something interesting. I'll give you something to tell if that's what u want. & laugh at him and you once u tell him.

Well anyways he got a bit disturbed by the mama's boy post, but he was okay. I don't know if it hit him or not. It didn't seem like it. We will see. I'll keep ya posted. lol

Hopefully my blogs keep u interested.

Simply Irresistible! lol smiley face :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

He's Coming Home...

We found out the great news yesterday that he will be coming home sometime next week. I can't give a specific day, but he will be here soon. Now it's back to planning this wedding. He wants to have the wedding on the 23rd of this month. He had a couple of his battle buddies, but now that they are at their duty stations they are unable to make it. So now he has to take his money  and help some of his friends buy their tuxedos just to make this wedding perfect. I can't believe it. We are in a need of a location to have the wedding. The location where the wedding was suppose to be at first is now booked. I truly hate that but I have to just keep looking.

My friends and cousins gave me a couple of good options, but my fiance wants to have the wedding at his church which is making it hard to find a good place to have the reception. I don't want to have to travel to another city to have the reception.

We are taking the cheapest route. I hate that. I have always dreamed of my wedding being extremely nice. Not sucky and cheap looking, but I have to take what I can get. Put on a smile and keep it moving I guess.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Question #1

I've Got A Problem For Your Solution

Hi ladies,

This is a question for the girlfriends, fiancee, and/or wives. Mostly the wives.

Well every since I was a little girl I always heard that the wife comes before the mom. The wife get the first choice in everything. Correct? Is that not true or something because my fiance is talking about passing along his G.I. Bill to his mother, brother, or niece. I wasn't even mention. He just skipped me completely. Oh, then little brother is moving in with us when we move to Texas. haha now that one was funny.

Is that the proper way to do it or not. I know I will be new to the whole marriage thing but I'm not stupid. Well we haven't went to marriage counseling yet so I'm guessing we will learn all this stuff then.

Ladies your comments are more than welcome to this blog post.

Here is a link and a little bit of things that stuck out to me in this article. Enjoy :)

Your husband’s strong relationship with his mom and family might have won you over when you were dating. But now you realize that you might be married to a mama’s boy – and it could destroy your relationship. Between your mama’s boy husband, who turns to his mother for everything and displays signs of immaturity, and your mother-in-law, who is keen on remaining the number one woman in her son’s life, you’re about ready to tear out your hair. But before you kick your mama’s boy husband and mother-in-law to the curb, you might try understanding their relationship and showing your husband that you should now be his number one priority.
The first step is determining if you really have a mama’s boy on your hands. Here are some of the signs that your husband is a full-fledged mama’s boy:

  • His mom’s wish is his command. If his mother wants him to run an errand, take her to the doctor, eat with her, etc., he always obliges no matter what you would like to do.
  • He wants daily contact or nearly daily contact with his mom either via phone or in person.
  • He always chooses his mom over his wife and children, if he has them.
  • He never moved far away from his mom, or he still lives with her (and now so do you).
  • He has trouble making decisions without his mom, and might expect you to baby him.
  • He might have financial ties to his mom, which keep him on a short leash with her.

Your relationship with your husband should not take center stage in your life. You should be your top priority. Get a little selfish. Work, get a hobby, and have interests and relationships with friends and family outside of the one with your husband. He must recognize that you’re independent, and you could leave if he continues to neglect you and ignore your needs, says Goldberg.

Ultimately, your husband will be the deciding factor in whether his attachment to his mom breaks your marriage. He might not notice it yet, but making you his main priority, growing up, and breaking away from his family of origin is good for him, too. “You can’t happily be both a husband and a mama’s boy because you’re always torn in two directions,” says Kirschner. If he accepts your limits and starts to put you first, then you can continue to work on developing your own family. If he doesn’t, you have to be willing to walk away because, say the experts, that is often when mama’s boys start to get their act together and straighten out.

Ladies don't forget to comment....(you do not to have a blog account to reply).


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