Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thank You for Being Generous!

Thanks to SFC L. Gardner for giving us a king size bedroom set, leopard print 3 piece mirror set, candles, candle holders, 4 accent pillows, bathroom decor, tv, and tv stand. Here are a couple of pictures.

Peewee's dad and stepmom gave us kitchen ware...

Also another Sgt gave us a dryer. 

Everything was Free!!!

Thanks again

Update on the House

We got our furniture on Saturday, August 13, 2011. Here is a little update.

We wanted the dark brown, but they sent these.

I know your tired of seeing the table, but wanted to let you all get a closer look.

No, the living room is not going to be a leopard print theme. Peewee put those right there. 

Our First

Yesterday our cable got installed. It was the first day we were about to stay in our house until we got here and found out our lights were cut off. So we went back to his dad's house and one of our neighbors texted us once the lights came back on so we came back.... We spent out first night here.

Today, August 21, 2011.
We went shopping with hardly any money for some food. We had to start from scratch like duh. I don't know  how this shopping thing is going to work out next time unless I have money to actually buy stuff I want too.

Anwyays I began to cook fried chicken , but I didn't finish because......

I got popped on my left leg by grease. Here is my scar

When that grease popped me it was all over. I quit. Everything was going great until then. So instead of me cooking my husband cooked. I just made the mashed potatoes. I forgot to take pictures because I was happy it was all over. We had fried chicken wings, shell macroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and strawberry lemonade. It was pretty good. 

I need a deep fryer... Well now that I know how to do it properly I may not need to have my deep fryer. lol Maybe so.... we will see next time. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Liberty Village Fort Hood

If you are a small family or a newlywed couple with no kids then Liberty Village will be the perfect place for you.  My husband and I found out about Liberty Village from a couple of people while doing in processing. We went to check it out and the next day signed papers for it. They have approximately 300 houses in the community. What is Liberty Village (LV)? It is considered to be base housing, but only to a certain extent. The solider pays for the housing with his BAH. It right outside of the gates of Fort Hood, but the community have a gate and MPs do ride around and monitor the area just like they do on base.

LV comes with all electricity paid (gas, water, lights). Perfect place to be if your on a budget, like we are.

All the houses in Liberty Village are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Living Room, Kitchen, and Dining Room. No Carpet throughout the house.

There is a gas station/store, playgrounds, fitness center, gated post, college across the street...oh and a McDonalds less than a mile down the road.

If you are looking for furniture for the first time like we were then you should check out Furniture Zone and Sleep Shop. They beat all the other competition in Killeen, Harker Heights, and Cooperscove. Furniture Zone has no interest for 48 months. No down payments. Low monthly payments. They just need to run a quick credit check and if your credit is at least 640 your good. If not they have other options. I don't know what they are because we didn't have to go through that process. The sales associates are all positive in the store. None of them have bad attitudes. Our sales associate was Anthony. Great guy and very helpful. He is not going to push you to buy nothing. He tries to help you and work with your budget. He will even should you cheaper items instead of the higher priced items in the store. lol That's what's up.

Here is a link to Liberty Village website: Liberty Village Fort Hood

If you have any questions about LV please feel free to ask. No, I don't work for them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free Furniture

A wonderful sgt. first class was generous enough to give us a nice black king sized bedroom set, entertainment system, and decorative mirrors and other decor. She was about to give us a washer and dryer but she decided not to. It's fine we r still happy we have been truly blessed.
Thanks SFC Gardner!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fort Hood, TX

One word HOT!!!!
We got here on Monday, August 1st. Once I stepped out of the car I knew then that I was no longer in Mississippi. Texas heat is no joke. Everyone around here is walking around like the heat doesn't bother them, but it sure do bother me. I look like I'm drained out as soon as I walk outside. I can't take this. I will be so happy when the fall or winter seasons come.

On a brighter note we are here and everything is going well except my husband maybe getting deployed soon. Hopefully they want need him because we just got here and I'm not ready to be alone just yet. Well semi-alone. Tell you guys about that part a little later. ha.

The base is huge. So many rules! So many things that can be done, but I haven't done one thing because I'm not use to this heat just yet. I have been on and off post quite a few times and I still don't know my way around it. I guess it is going to take a lot of getting use to.

A couple of days ago my husband went and found us a house. Yes, you read it right he went alone. lol Luckily the house looks nice or we would have a major problem. We want get the keys until the end of the week. We got furniture now which is great and that should arrive sometime next week. The house is a nice 2 bedroom 1 bath home. We had a special guest when we entered the bathroom "a lizard". I ran and screamed because I am not a fan of reptiles or amphibians point, blank, period. OMG. Once the lizard started moving so did I. My husband said that he snapped its neck and then put him in the toilet so I went back into the bathroom and saw the poor little fellow floating "swimming" around in the toilet. Once again I screamed because I thought he was going to get out, but when we returned the next day he was dead. Sorry, for those of you who like lizards. It was so tiny and orange I assumed it was some paper or something until it moved. If I wouldn't have turned on the lights I would have touched it or maybe even stepped on it. Yes, we are in Texas. You wouldn't see a lizard in your bathroom back in Mississippi.

As of now we are staying with his father and step mom. Very nice lady... This post is incomplete but I will finish it once I get a chance. So much to say so little time.

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