Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Types of Deployment Spouses

Well you guys I thought long and hard about this one. I was trying to figure out how I should word it. I decided to just make it plain and simple.
I came up with 5 types, but I am pretty sure that there are much more.

Type #1: Understanding, Able to take it, Strong!
Type #2: Whin/Cry/ Sad/ Depressed EVERYDAY!
Type #3: It hurts, but you have to pretend you're strong not only for yourself but others such as children.
Type #4: Excited that he is gone so you party and pretend to be single for a while.
Type #5: Can't take it. You need something to make the pain go away such as drinking, gambling, or another man.

Do you know any of these types? What type do you consider yourself to be?
Video to this is on my YouTube channel.

Nitra (PAW)

3rd Care Package; Valentine's Day Care Package

My hubby received his Vday care package today. He said he almost cried when he opened it. I'm happy that he liked it. I thought it was too girly.

Happy Valentine's Day

I truly hope that all of you have a wonderful, loving, romantic, and memorable Valentine's Day. To those of you who are in my situation and your husband is not able to be here don't feel bad. Go celebrate with some of your friends. Don't do anything crazy though. :) ....

My V-Day will consist of doing school work, eating chicken noodle soup with my friend (because we are on the Special K Challenge), and later watching The Game on BET. Maybe even grocery shopping. I'll get to talk to my hubby so it will be an okay Valentine's Day. No gifts for me 2 years in a row. Thanks Army. :(

Again Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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