Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hi ladies,

I thought that it was time for me to start talking to my military girlfriends. Of course, I know that some fiancees and wives are going through this too, but since I was a girlfriend during this time I thought I would dedicate this towards them.

Throughout basic training pictures will be posted of your soldier while he/she is doing different training task on Facebook. Also there is a page dedicated towards answering all type of questions, comments, and concerns that you may have at the time of family day or graduation.

My solider graduated from Fort Jackson, SC so this is where my focus will be on.

Whoever the soldier puts on his contact sheet will receive all the information about where everything will be located and directions to get there.

Family Day:

  • Be Early! (1 or 2 hours) 
  • Limited Parking
  • If inside/soldiers will be waiting outside
  • Soldiers not allowed to leave off post
  • Activities: bowling, food court, museum, movies, barracks, or just driving around
  • Soldiers have a curfew 
Graduation Day:
  • Be Early!!! (1 or 1.5 hrs.)
  • Parking Limited
  • Seating Limited
  • The Graduation not long at all
  • Once over Free to leave
  • Soldiers can't drive 
  • Don't cuddle up with soldier
  • Hands Free at all times
If its raining the ceremonies will be held inside. 

For more on this please visit my YouTube channel 


  1. Hi, Nitra! I found your blog while Googling for Army wives at Fort Hood--my fiancé is currently stationed there and I'll be moving there this summer, after we're married! I look forward to reading your blog! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Get ready for the HOTTTT SUMMER.

  2. I found ur account thru google images lol and I was wondering what do you mean hands free on graduation day....I am a new army wife and my soldier graduates from ft. benning in less than a month! thank you for all your posts and all the information you give other girlfriends and wives!

    1. Hi! What I mean by hands free is. The soldiers hand should be free at all times especially the right hand in case he has to salute one of the higher ranks.
      Thanks so much for taking the time out to read my blog. I truly appreciate it. If you have anymore question please don't hesitate to ask.


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