Thursday, July 7, 2011

He's Coming Home...

We found out the great news yesterday that he will be coming home sometime next week. I can't give a specific day, but he will be here soon. Now it's back to planning this wedding. He wants to have the wedding on the 23rd of this month. He had a couple of his battle buddies, but now that they are at their duty stations they are unable to make it. So now he has to take his money  and help some of his friends buy their tuxedos just to make this wedding perfect. I can't believe it. We are in a need of a location to have the wedding. The location where the wedding was suppose to be at first is now booked. I truly hate that but I have to just keep looking.

My friends and cousins gave me a couple of good options, but my fiance wants to have the wedding at his church which is making it hard to find a good place to have the reception. I don't want to have to travel to another city to have the reception.

We are taking the cheapest route. I hate that. I have always dreamed of my wedding being extremely nice. Not sucky and cheap looking, but I have to take what I can get. Put on a smile and keep it moving I guess.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

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