Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Intro

Hi Army Wives,

I started this blog to tell my thoughts, share my feelings, & other randomness as a Army Wife. This blog will not be the normal boring old Army Wife blog. It will be a bunch of different things throughout this blog being posted by me. Of course, I will let you know some of the secrets of this crazy life, but it want be any of the Army secrets. Only the wives secrets. Hopefully, I will have lots of juicy gossip to share with you all once this life for me begins. Don't get me wrong I want be telling nothing to cause a marriage to end. It will mostly concern me.

I also love shopping so every now and then you may see a bit of fashion posted.

The only thing that I can't do on this blog....well what I want do is post something that will put my soldier, your soldier, or any other soldier in danger. So don't look for me to inform you of when soldier will be deployed, coming home, or what's really going on with them. Sorry. Too risky!!!

If you want to know a little more about me just click on the "A Lil' About Me" tab.

If you are a Army Wife please click the follow me button. Thanks.

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