Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coping with Deployment #2

Hi ladies,

Since we are getting closer and closer to my husband return home I decided to do another coping with deployment update.

Since the last Coping with Deployment, I have started school and it is going very well. School really does keep me busy. I only have a few more classes until I earn my degree. I am so excited that I am one step closer to being able to work and do something that I love and not having to settled for something that I am not happy with. Throughout this deployment I have not watched the news or even read a newspaper. I never watched the news or read the newspaper even before I became an Army Wife so it wasn't hard to get accustomed to it. The only time I watched the news is when there is a storm heading this way and the only time I read the newspaper is to glance at the classified ad section to see what local jobs are hiring. If none of the job interest me I simple toss the paper in the trash. The last thing that has been occupying my time is my friends; one friend in particular. She has a 8 month of baby girl that I love so very much "my God-Daughter". She keeps me entertained whenever I go over to visit them which is almost nearly everyday.

As for my husband and I, we talk every single day no matter what. My husband walks in snow, rain, or weather is tired just to come and talk to me to make sure I am okay. Normally, he will call me twice a day when he isn't that tired, but if he is he calls once. I truly hope I don't get him in trouble, but even when there is a blackout he contacts me. He isn't able to call, but he will shoot me a quick message just to let me know that he is fine and the internet is down because of a blackout. He doesn't tell me why there is a blackout until the blackout is over due to the respect of the lost soldiers family. I truly appreciate my babe for taking the time out for me it is truly helping me get through this deployment a lot easier. Thanks babe! The higher up and deployment oldies (brain fart) recommend that the soldiers don't call there family members everyday, but as for my husband he is like forget ya'll I'm going to talk to my wife no matter what. LOL. He really did say that.

Early on during the deployment after he got settled in, he started to hear tons of stories from other soldiers that had been over there for a while. The stories of "Your Wife Will Cheat" "She is Cheating On You" or "She is not Going to be Faithful".  Yes, those type of stories. So he started to think negative thoughts. He started to question me everyday and wanted to check around the house. Yep it got that crazy for what seem like forever. I had to constantly tell him that nothing is going on over and over again until he finally got it through his head. After that guess what ladies you will go through that phase. Once he is acting normal and happy you will begin to think something and start asking him questions. It didn't take me that long to get over it. It was only 2 or 3 times that it happen to me, but the point is I still did it. Not only did it happen to us but it happen to a couple of my friends. They told me their experiences and I just said hmm this must be a phase that they go through once they get over there.

Well ladies that is all for this coping with deployment update. I hope you enjoyed. If you haven't read the first one then go check it out. Also I have a video of this on my YouTube channel.

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Thanks for reading. Love You Lots, PAW

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