Monday, June 13, 2011

Yellow, Turquoise, & Grey Oh My...

My Bridal Shower
Saturday, June 11, 2011 @ 2:00 PM

The sun was blinding me.
My bridal shower was held at the conference center. The building is really nice. Some people would think that the building wouldn't be nice because of where it is located. I guess that's why people say "You can't always judge a book by its cover". The bridal shower was hosted by my wonderful sister. She ran around none stop like a chicken with her head cut off to make sure that everything was nice for me. I truly appreciate all of her hard work. Thanks sister.

Well most of my guest were running a little late, but I didn't mind that as long as they came. I must admit that I didn't think anyone was going to show up. I got kind of worried. Half of the people I invited didn't come. I can't be angry or anything because there were so many different events that were going on that day. There were about 3 different weddings in my area, funeral (still born), and a 60th birthday dinner. Some of my guest had to work and some felt as if they didn't want to come because they couldn't give me a gift. I still had fun with the hand full of people that was there.

You know how at most showers (baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party) how they play so many games and take forever to eat? Well at my shower we only played two games. Two Games??? Yes, only two. The two games that were played: Wedding Feud & Wedding "Tissue" Gown. They always wrote on some index cards words of encouragement/advice for me to look back on over the years.

turquoise, yellow, and grey bridal shower
The bridal shower menu was very simple. It wasn't extravagant. The punch was the talk of the shower. It was a hit. They loved the punch so much. I loved it also. I called it Nitra's Strawberry/Pineapple Punch. We added lemons for decoration. Only to give the punch a cute look.

Gifts: I loved all of my gifts. My girls bought me heels. They know me so well. I did get some items for our new home.

All and all the bridal shower was excellent. There were sad moments, happy moments, tears of joy. It was just so wonderful.

Strawberry/Pineapple Punch (delicious) Lemons make it pop.

Bridal Shower Cake, plates, and napkis

Bridal Shower Cake (turquoise and yellow)

The pictures on the wall were already up in the building.

My niece Nekita (turquoise) and my cousin Keionna (black) playing wedding feud.
About to shake hands but Nekita is cheating. 

Making their bridal gowns. =0

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